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THE MARATHON: 42 km and 195 m of passion

Passion is what allows us to go beyond our limits.

It’s what makes us run when our heath is bursting in our chest, it’s whats makes our legs move even if they’re worn out.

It’s passion against sacrifice, and the winner will be declared though hard training, hearth and concentration. And on this important event, CSAIn will organize, in agreement and on behalf of the EFCS, the 1st European Company Marathon Championship.

In addition to the classic individual marathon, it will be possible to run in the RELAY’S marathon


Run like one body, renew your energy and power at each leg. You are one, you share every gained second, but also every lost rank. When the alchemy is perfect, the result is brillant, victory unique, an unforgettable memory for four great athletes.


Milan Marathon is held on a loop route, starting and finishing in Corso Venezia. The course is flat and fast, with an elevation gain of only 125 meters, and only 3.1 km of cobblestones (almost entirely concentrated in the first part of the race). The relay team competition will be played on the same route divided into 4 fractions.

All participants will be able to admire the most beautiful and the most important historical monuments of the city: from the Duomo to La Scala, and the Arch of Peace at the Castello Sforzesco, to the futuristic districts of the “new Milan.”

The runners can expect average temperatures between 10°C (50°F) and 19°C (66°F)