To sign up for the individual race the cost is 61 €



To sign up for the relay race the cost is 160 € per team


The deadline for registration is March 31, 2018




According to EFCS custom, each participant travels and attends the event under their personal and insurance responsibility.

The registration fee shall be paid by March, 31 2018 using the following banking coordinates:

Headed banking current account to: CSAIn Events s.s.d. a r.l.
Viale Pasteur, 8 Roma 00144
GBM Banca
IBAN: IT86V0332303200000010051019



Italian or foreign athlete, residing in Italy, 20 years old and over

In order to participate you must either:

  • have a FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation of Athletics) license;
  • be in possession of a Runcard* (that’s a multiservice card issued by FIDAL) and submit a medical certificate of eligibility for participating in a competitive athletics event.

Your license or your medical certificate (which must have been issued in Italy) will have to be valid the day of the race.

*Learn more about Runcard at on the official website. You’ll be able to purchase the Runcard directly during the marathon subscription.


Foreign athlete, residing abroad, 20 years old and over

In order to participate you must be:

  • licensed for a Federation of Athletics affiliated to the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations). You can search the Federation in your country.

Your licence will have to be valid for 2018.

Alternatively, you can participate by:

submitting a medical certificate issued abroad in accordance with the rules on health protection in competitive sports in force in Italy (see medical requirement)



The 1° European Company Relay Marathon Championship, is a RUN FOR TEAMS OF 4 COMPONENTS open to all members of companies affiliated to EFCS and CSAIn in order with their affiliation, aged at least 16 years old on the date of the event.

Each team Each team must consist of 4 men, 4 women or mixed (2 men and two women). Entries will only be accepted per team. Individual registrations are not possible. The minimum age for participation is 16 years old at the date of April 8, 2018. Each team member will have to provide a medical certificate of eligibility for the practice of non-competitive sport activities (or higher, for example a certificate of eligibility for participating in sport events at a competitive level). This certificate is issued by a general practitioner in relation to their patients or by a physician specialized in sports medicine. The certificate must be delivered at the race number pick-up, otherwise participation will not be allowed. If a person is unable to submit a copy of the certificate, a signed declaration of possession of medical certification must be submitted (see medical requirement)



The marathon confirmation letter

A few days before the race, all athletes enrolled will receive an e-mail valid as official “letter of confirmation”.

This email will contain all the basic instructions for the bib number pick-up and race participation. You do not need to print a hard copy of the email itself; you can bring it on a device like a smartphone or tablet.


Pick up bip number

You can pick up the bib number (and the goody bag) at the CSAIn – EFCS stand into the Marathon Village on:

  • Friday, April 6 from 12:00 till 21:00
  • Saturday, April 7 from 9:00 till 19:00.

The Marathon Village will be located inside Milan’s MiCo LAB, with access from Piazzale Carlo Magno (Gate 17). The nearest subwaystation (Domodossola, on the purple line M5) is 600 meters from the village.


What documents do I need to pick-up the bib number?

To pick-up your bib number you will need to submit the following documents:

  • a valid ID card
  • a letter of confirmation (on your smartphone or tablet)
  • copy of medical certificate (see medical requirement)

The race numbers and goody bags can be collected by a third person, who must submit a specific authorization form signed by you and a valid ID card.



Getting to the start

BY SUBWAY. This is the system that we recommend: using the metro you’ll help the Milan Marathon to be more eco-friendly! The closest stops to the start are:

  • PALESTRO on line M1 (red)
  • TURATI on line M3 (yellow)

BY TRAIN (S-LINES). Even with these trains you can get close to the start area in a cheap and easy way. The train stop is PORTA VENEZIA, on the following s-lines:

  • line S1 (Saronno – Milano – Lodi)
  • line S2 (Mariano Comense – Milano – Milan Rogoredo)
  • line S5 (Varese – Milano – Treviglio)
  • line S6 (Novara – Milano – Treviglio)
  • line S13 (Pavia – Milano Bovisa)

BY TRAIN. From MILANO CENTRALE station you can reach the start area on foot in about 20 minutes (follow Via Vittor Pisani, Piazza della Repubblica, Via Turati and Via Palestro). Alternatively, you can use the subway (yellow line M3) for two stops to TURATI.

BY CAR. You definitely don’t want to reach the start area by car. If you can’t do without car, we suggest that you use the car parks available at numerous metro stations, which offer daily discount rates daily. You can find more information on the ATM website.


How to submit the bag with your personal clothes for the individual marathon

You can only use the special bag that you will receive as goody bag. Other bags will not be accepted! In case you have requested the delivery of your bib number at home, you will receive a bag in the pre-start area. Do not forget to identify the bag with the appropriate label stating your race number. After arrival, you can pick up the bag while exhibiting the bib number. Please remember that the bag must contain only the personal clothes that you will need after the race. We suggest that you do not leave any object of value in the bag: the organization will not be held liable for loss or theft of such objects.


How to submit the bag with your personal clothes for the relay marathon

Alongside the bib number at each athlete will be given a label (bearing the race number) to be placed on the bag provided by the organization in which personal clothes can be stored. The bag, appropriately numbered, will be the only container accepted by the organization. No transport service for the bags will be provided. Before the race, each runner will have to check the bag at the end of his leg, or give the bag to the next team member that will deposit it on his behalf. The bag deposit areas are arranged at the 3 changeover points and at the finish. It is advisable not to leave personal belongings (mobile, wallet, etc.) inside the bags. While ensuring the utmost care in the custody of the bag, the organization will not be responsible for any theft.


Start procedure individual marathon

From 8:15 you will be able to access the starting sectors. The entrances to the “corrals” will be manned by volunteers who will check your race number. Marathon runners will be able to take position on both starting lanes leading to the portal. The start of the 1st European Company individual marathon and of the EA7 Milano Marathon 2018 will be given at 9:00 am.


Start procedure relay marathon

From 8:45 you will be able to access the starting sectors. The entrances to the “corrals” will be manned by volunteers who will check your race number. Relay marathon runners will be able to take position on dedicated starting lane leading to the portal. The start of the 1st European Company team relay marathon and of the EA7 Milano Marathon 2018 will be given at 10:00 am.


The course

The Milano Marathon’s course is a loop route, with start and finish in Corso Venezia, and minimal elevation changes. The course has been measured and approved at national and international level by official FIDAL and IAAF/AIMS measurers. Every kilometer is signalled with appropriate signage at the side of the road.

We remind you that the trajectory used for the measurement corresponds to the minimum distance travelled. It is virtually impossible that you can follow the same trajectory in the race, for which it is normal that your GPS watch records a distance travelled superior to 42.195 km even by several hundred meters.

The course of relay marathon will be divided into 4 fractions; each of them has to be run by a different team member. The exact length of each fraction will be communicated as soon as possible.


Timekeeping individual marathon

Timing Data Service (TDS) will time your race from the moment you will pass under the starting gate: in this way, even if you will start from one of the last corrals, you will have the information about your net time. Along the course, TDS will take your time at 10 km, at the half marathon (km 21.097) and at 30 km. And of course at the finish… Even if we will provide you the net time, please remember that according to the official rules, rankings will be based on the “gun time”, that is the time calculated from the starter’s gunshot.


Timekeeping relay marathon

The time keeper is Timing Data Service srl. Time measurement and processing of the rankings will be electronically made with a system based on an active transponder (“chip”) that will be delivered attached to a bracelet that will act as a “baton” among the relay runners. It is strictly forbidden to tamper with the chip. Athletes who in any way damage the “chip” will not be timed and will not be in the rankings. For each team it will be recorded the official race time (from the moment the first runner pass under the starting gate until the last runner crosses the finish line) and the time of each leg (with time detection at the entry and exit of each zone change to allow all runners to receive a time measured on the same distance, regardless of the actual place where the baton exchange will take place). The “chips” (bracelet) must be delivered to the appropriate staff after the finish line. Athletes who do not finish the race or who, for whatever reason, not return the “chip” at the end of the race must send it to: Timing Data Service srl – Via delle Macchine, 14 – Spinea (VE). Otherwise, they will be obliged to pay € 25.00 in compensatory damages


Time limits individual marathon

The time limit to finish the marathon is 6h30′. There will also be two intermediate “gates”: at 12:15 at the half marathon and at 13:30 at the 30th km. If, unfortunately, you will not be able to pass the gates in time, you may be invited to board the buses for withdrawn athletes, or at least to continue running on the sidewalk and not on the road.

We all know that it’s very unpleasant to be asked to quit the marathon, but please remember that our staff will do that, if necessary, to ensure your safety. After the times indicated above, in fact, the streets will gradually be re-opened to car traffic, according to the race authorisation issued by the Municipality.


Time limits relay marathon

Time limit to finish the relay marathon is 5h30’. There will also be two intermediate “gates”:

  • at the 2nd changeover point (km 22 approx.), after 2h55’ from the start (approximately at 12:55pm)
  • at the 3rd changeover point (km 30 approx.), after 3h55’ from the start (approximately at 01:55pm)

Athletes who do not respect the passage times at the gates will be invited by the marathon staff to board the buses for withdrawn athletes or continue running on the sidewalk and not on the road. These measures are necessary to ensure the safety of athletes. After the times indicated above, in fact, a progressive reopening of the roads will occur, on basis of the authorization granted by the Municipality.


Refreshment and sponging stations for individual marathon

Refreshment stations are located at every 5 kilometres along the route and at the finish line. In every refreshment you will find water, sport drink, fruit and biscuits. An advice: don’t wait to be hungry or thirsty to eat or drink something, but try to take something at every refreshment, in this way you will reduce the possibilities to see your body going in crisis.

Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to gluten, a protein found in wheat (spelled and khorasan wheat, commonly called kamut), rye, barley, oats or their hybridized strains and products. For intolerant people, AIC Lombardia offers a dedicated service with 3 gluten-free refreshment points at km 20, km 30 and at the finish.

Every five kilometers (from km 7.5) you will also find sponging stations with water tanks in which you can soak your personal sponges (you will find 2 sponges inside the goody bag and more sponges will be available in the pre-start area) to cool you off. A small effort on your part will help us to reduce the environmental impact of the marathon in a meaningful way. After all, the view of thousands of sponges used and immediately cast on the ground is certainly not pleasant to see!


Refreshment and sponging stations for relay marathon

For all participants in the Relay Marathon 2018 there will be a final refreshment bag to be delivered at the end of each leg, inside the “changeover village”. In case of need the participants can use the refreshment and sponging stations planned for the marathon, positioned every 5km along the way.


Pacers (only for individual marathon)

Different groups of pacers will help marathon runners to maintain a constant pace and get to the finish line in the time established in advance. The pacers will be easily recognizable by their clothing an by colored balloons.
The pacers will be available for the following final times:

  • 3h00’
  • 3h10’
  • 3h20’
  • 3h30’
  • 3h40’
  • 3h50’
  • 4h00’
  • 4h15’
  • 4h30’
  • 4h45’
  • 5h00’
  • 5h30’
  • 6h00’

Choose the group most suited to your needs.

The target times are “official times” (i.e. from the starting gunshot) and any delay at the start will be recovered in the first half of the race.


Transport service for withdrawn athletes

Organization will provide “sweep” buses along the route, which will transport the athletes to the finish area, where they will be able to pick-up their bags and receive assistance.


Medical service

An adequate medical service will be guaranteed along the course, including fixed locations and emergency vehicles. BSO srl, partner of Europ Assistance, will manage the medical service for the marathon. The operational procedures include the presence on the whole course of ambulances, medical cars, medical squads on foot, points of first intervention with health professionals at each relay change zone and a “Health Citadel” in Corso Venezia on a surface of more than 400sqm capable of delivering highly specialized assistance. The technological equipment available includes ultrasound devices, equipment for blood tests and devices for telemedicine, which will enable a continuous exchange of information between the field rescuers, the “health citadel” and intensive care units involved. It will also be present an ECMOteam with two machines for the extracorporeal support made available by Prof. Alberto Zangrillo, Primary of anaesthesiology and reanimation of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.



What happens at the end of the race? (only for individual marathon)

A few meters after the finish line, you will be channeled into special lines along which these operations will take place.

  • finisher’s medal delivery
  • removal of the chip from the bib number
  • isotermic blanket delivery

Going on, on your left you will find the medical area and then the refreshment point. Now, collect the bag with your personal belongings and, finally, reach the changing rooms, massage area and toilets.


Where can I find the results?

Intermediate and final rankings will be available in real time on website. A direct link to the page rankings will be published on the homepage of

From the rankings page you will be able to download the finisher’s certificate in PDF format.